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If all goes smoothly, we should see bit support roll out in the public Chrome build in the near future. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Smart homes are a broken mess and Nest wants to fix it.

Google Assistant takes on the sticky note with assignable reminders. Google Nest camera users can no longer disable the status light.

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But there is a drawback — older Macs are stuck on version 38, the last bit version.

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However, these early Intel Macs were based on bit architecture, and Apple didn't completely adopt bit until August OS X Users that are still on that OS release — or earlier — will either have to stick with Chrome 38 and make do with not receiving security patches, or switch to Firefox or Opera, both of which continue to support bit OS X.

How many people are affected? According to metrics available, some 10 to 15 percent of Macs run Snow Leopard or earlier. Testing Android smartphones has made my iPhone feel old and slow.

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Scary iPhone battery warning is to 'protect' customers, says Apple. Can you upgrade your Mac's hardware?

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Here's how to find out. Will the new iPhone borrow an Android feature to save money? DanaBot banking Trojan jumps from Australia to Germany in quest for new targets. The malware has evolved from a basic threat to profitable, global crimeware.

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Researchers found the unsecured database, but hackers got there first. Trend Micro fixes privilege escalation security flaw in Password Manager. The vulnerability could be used for privilege escalation and code execution attacks. Personal data of Australian visa applicants reportedly leaked following email typo. ABC has reported that individuals applying for an Australian visa had their health information shared in error.

Google Chrome For Mac Will Finally Go 64-Bit, Improving Speed And Decreasing Memory Usage

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